Welcome to the Alternative web site for the greatest, latest, most popular band with the word chicken in its name in the whole Universe: Jim Chickens Out. This band is amazing.

Jim Chickens Out are a band specially created for the visit of Hawaii's number one Kinks fan (and part-time Beatle) Jim Smart to Worcester, England in September 1997.

The Great JCO gig took place at The Dragon Inn, The Tything, Worcester,  on Thursday September 25th 1997.

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Check out their history, their future plans, and the awe-inspiring story of how they chose their name!

Geoff thinks up the idea of the gig

Jim's reaction



The line-up :

Rob Turner - lead vocals
Dave Wilson - lead guitar
Dick Beard - drums
Dal Ferns - bass guitar, backing vocals
Pete Savage - bass guitar on *
Geoff Lewis - keyboards, backing vocals, rhythm guitar on **
and Jim Smart  - rhythm guitar, keyboards on **, backing vocals, lead vocals on ***

The set :

Gimme Some Loving.
Route 66.
Under My Thumb.
Key To The Highway.
Squeeze Box.**
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love.*
Roll Over Beethoven.* ***
I Saw Her Standing There.* ***
You Really Got Me  / All Day And All Of The Night.*

Jumping Jack Flash.**
The Sun Is Shining.
Born To Be Wild.
Celluloid Heroes.
Where Have All The Good Times Gone? **
Bring It On Home.
Hey Joe.
Come Together.
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.
You Can't Always Get What You Want.*

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Q.  How many are there in Jim Chickens Out?
A.   We don't know - we don't like to count our chickens.
Q:   I notice that the chicken on the Big Black Smoke page is textured like a soccer ball. Can I go with the urge to kick it very hard.
A: Go right ahead!
Q.   Why did the chicken cross the road?


Geoff, Rob and Dave

Pete and Jim



Dave, Dick, Pete and Jim

Reactions of some of the crowd

Geoff and Jim

What the critics said :  Worcester Evening News, 1 October 1997


Music fans crammed into The Dragon, The Tything, to see a one-off gig by Jim Chickens Out.
Former members of Top Worcester band 36 Stone turned out to perform in the session, specially held for a visitor from Hawaii.
The name of the band was chosen because the guest, once he found out the plans for an impromptu concert, chickened out. 
But after some persuasion, he chickened back in.
Lead singer Rob Turner proved he still hadn't lost his touch by waking up the audience with his banter and songs.
But guest star "Jim" had his turn on the mike and certainly impressed the female members of the audience.
Despite the disappointment of finding out 36 Stone were not making a comeback this Christmas, the punters had a great time.
Dancing, singing and drinking was the order of the night and there was plenty of it. 

-Ian Collier

I was not impressed that the article made no mention of  the man who organised the whole thing, recruited the musicians,  arranged the songs  and starred on the keyboards.  (I guess I'm just one of "the little men who get  forgotten time and time again")

But then I met Ian Collier, the journalist who wrote it, and he apologised for the lack of  information in the article.  The trouble was that by the time we had got half way through the set he was drunk as a lord.  OK, that seems a reasonable excuse to me.

- Geoff Lewis

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