This page is only for real Kinks nuts.  It is a list of all the different "Kinksian" songs/instrumentals that I own.  I believe it to be a complete collection of available tracks written or co-written by Ray or Dave Davies, including songs which have only performed by other artists.  Of course, real kompletists want every version of every song, but I don't go quite that far.

21 cover songs, marked (C), are also included, as they have appeared on official albums by the Kinks, Ray or Dave.

The current total is 625!  I have counted "Flatlands" as a single work. I have not included "Overture" or "Finale" from the La Jolla production of 80 days, as they are medleys of other songs. For the same reason, "Finale" from Schoolboys In Disgrace is omitted.  Also excluded are dialogues from Storyteller and announcements from Preservation.

"Tokyo" and "New York City Blues" have also appeared  in slightly different forms, naming different cities, but I haven't included the variants. The "Come Dancing" musical may include one or two additional titles, but I don't think they are genuinely different songs.

I have heard one other Kinks song, "Back to 1964", which I would love to get hold of, but I believe it to be jealously guarded by a few people, so not truly available.

Grateful thanks to all the many friends in Kinkdom who have helped me to amass this collection.  If you know of any songs that I have missed, or if you spot any errors, please let me know.

- Geoff                                                                                                                                                                     
updated 27/12/2008

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