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Most of the pictures of the Kinks' London are now available from the Kinks Preservation Society "Kinkspix" site

Many of the original photographs were provided by Peter Ĝlgaard of Denmark and Jim Smart of Honolulu.

If you would like to know more about these and other places that the Davies brothers have sung about, or want to go on a Kinks pilgrimage, the Big Black Smoke is the site to visit.

A few photographs are not at the KPS site at the moment, so are available here :

If you have any photographs of relevant locations I would be happy to include them.  If you can scan them, please e-mail them to me.  If not, then snail mail them to me. I will be happy to scan them and return them immediately. 
(E-mail me for my snail address)
Thanks to Janet Engelbrecht and Olga Ruocco for contributions.

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